Review: Almost Love [2006]

photo14614Korean Title: Cheong-choon-man-hwa
Screenplay: Lee Han
Directed by: Lee Han
Release date in South Korea : 2006/03/23

Kwon Sang Woo as Ji-hwan
Kim Ha-neul as Dal-rae

Plot: (hancinema)
Ji-hwan and Dal-rae are old friends and they have grown up in the same neighborhood. Ji-hwan admires Hong Kong movie star “Jacky Chan” and wants to be a world action star. Dal-rae has a desire to be an actress. They always bear grudges against each other with their private weak parts, and they quarrel everyday, however they are great friends who care for each other.
One day, Dal-rae goes out with Young-hoon who is in the same Taekwondo group as Ji-hwan. Young-hoon is a student representative of the department as well as an all-round athlete. Ji-hwan is also dating a girl, Ji-min, a gorgeous glamour girl who has a well-shaped figure.
It seems that there would be no problem between the good friends Ji-hwan and Dal-rae, but somehow a strange atmosphere arises after they start seeing someone else. Everybody knows it is more than just a friendship, except Ji-hwan and Dal-rae.

I Say…

Now, I truly believe that Kwon Sang Woo is a gifted actor. It was such a great performance, this one he showed on Almost Love. I am a loser to have not seen his previous movie (My Tutor Friend) with Kim Ha-neul but I think that this one is great! He was so funny and entertaining. The drama wasn’t gone, he still had to show those big tears flowing out of his eyes! And oh boy…KSW is the greatest! That was the reason why I didn’t continue watching Stairway to Heaven. I knew he would be really good enough to make me cry! Kim Ha-neul on the other hand, still looked really cute in front of the camera, with her antics. She’s not pretty like Choi Ji Woo or Kim Min Hee but the way she carries herself in front of the camera is very good.

Highlights of the movie would have to be:

1.) When they were sitting on a bench and they had this conversation about growing old and taking care of each other forever;

2.) When they sang on the karaoke together! Their dance scene was really weird and watching them do it would make you feel embarrassed for them! KSW looked stupid! The director must’ve made it a point to make them do that to emphasize the humor of the scene. It’s something to watch out for!

What I didn’t like:

Surprisingly, there are a few things I didn’t like. Well, I didn’t like Dal-rae’s boyfriend there, he just disappeared all of a sudden, and his way of giving up on her was like, dull. And the girl who played the love interest of Ji-hwan acted really stupid during the time she found out about Ji-hwan’s amputated leg. She’s kind of annoying too, from the start of her appearance. She seemed to me like an understudy who didn’t practice enough for the role. Or did they look bad because they were with two Korean superstars there? Oh well.

To wrap up my stupid commentary, Almost Love deserves to be watched. It’s not just another I-suddenly-realized-I’m-in-love-with-my long-time-friend type of movie. It didn’t really show that they become a couple in the end. It was still the friendship between the two that was given the importance… the value of being there for your friend in time of need and sharing the pain of a suffering friend and stuff like that. The blend of drama, comedy and romance is just right, equal amounts of the three. So, no need to worry about shedding tears or feelings of excessive mushiness. Almost Love is just the perfect blend!

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