Review: Fushigi Yuugi Eikouden [2001]

51WCRGXCDBL._SL500_AA300_Director: Nanako Shimazaki
Screenplay: Hiroaki Sato
Storyboard: Mamoru Sasaki & Nanako Shimazaki
Music: Ryo Sakai
Original creator: Yuu Watase
Character Design: Hideyuki Motohashi & Tsuguyuki Kubo
Number of episodes: 4

Plot Summary: (animenewsnetwork)
Taka and Miaka are now happily married and only six months before their new family would be born, but an obsessed girl named Mayo would do anything to make Taka hers. She enters the world of the Four Gods, determined to win Taka’s heart and be the new priestess.

Episode titles:
1. The Legend Unfolds…
2. Desert Quest
3. Rebirth of the Seven Stars
4. The Advent of Suzaku

I Say…

Watching Fushigi Yuugi Eikouden is really nostalgic… brings back all the high school and pre-college memories from the past! And that name… I haven’t heard of for soooo long… And I don’t want to be called that way again.

Well, rumor has it that the story was written by a fan, and then approved by Watase-sensei… to me that felt like selling the whole thing, and turning the series into something else. I’ve read lots of complaints about this segment of FY. This might be the reason why I didn’t find time to see it, after the comments went out and all. Can you imagine a big FY fan like me not taking time to see this? Now you should consider thinking if it’s worth the watch or not.

Miaka’s supposed to be the heroine right? But unfortunately, she wasn’t that directly involved in the adventures. She just turned into some kind of an influence all throughout the story. (What is FY without Miaka in it?) And Sakaki Mayo is soooo annoying! But her character was quite convincing though, for me to hate her this much. The fan who created Mayo’s character was good enough, so on that part, I give him or her credit. But still, I wasn’t that satisfied with the totality of this installment. (Forgive me for being harsh. I love Fushigi Yuugi too, you know!)

I want to say more…

-As usual, Tamahome/Sukunami Taka, still remains as my number one bishounen! Everything he does… he does for Miaka, and Miaka alone. So much like his promise to protect her forever…even if they’re not together this time. (Oh boy… Miaka’s role here really is weak.) Their love for each other has really gotten stronger throughout the OAVs, I must say.
-The reincarnations of the seven star warriors are adorable, especially when they’re with Tasuki! But that’s all to it.
-This part of FY isn’t as good as the old ones. And from the ending of the series… Miaka and Taka’s child… I thought it was a boy, but then it turned out to be a girl. Sukunami Hikari is definitely a girl’s name.
– It’s not as confusing as the previous OAVs that’s why it’s less interesting.
– You’d really prefer the previous ones!


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