Review: Naruto the Movie: The Great Clash! The Phantom Ruins in the Depths of the Earth [2005]

Japanese Title: Gekijyouban Naruto Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo!
Director: Hirotsugu Kawasaki
Screenplay: Hirotsugu Kawasaki & Yuka Miyata
Original Manga: Masashi Kishimoto
Character Design: Tetsuya Nishio

Plot: (from animenewsnetwork)
Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are executing their mission of delivering a lost pet to a certain village. However, right in the midst of things, troops led by the mysterious knight, Temujin, attack them. In the violent battle, the three become separated. Temujin challenges Naruto to a fight and at the end of the fierce battle, both fall together from a high cliff. Furthermore, Shikamaru, having been left behind, beholds a giant moving fortress as it appears before his very eyes. In order to get a grasp on the situation, he infiltrates the fortress by himself, however once there he witnesses a frightening sight…

I Say…

– The first movie with the snow princess is better than this one. I’m so sorry! I have seen the movie a long time ago but I can’t find peace until I write down this review!
– Sasuke is not here, there were little Sakura moments, & Shikamaru’s brilliance wasn’t given much attention.
-Kankurou was cool though, even Gaara at the beginning. They’re really a great team.
-Of course, Naruto is still the same, shedding light for those who are in the darkness. This time it’s Temujin who found hope and friendship in the form of Naruto.
-I don’t like the ending song too.
-It’s simply below my expectation of a blockbuster sequel! I hope the third Naruto movie will beat this!

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