Review: Tsubasa Chronicle Movie: The Princess of the Land of the Birdcage [2005]

Japanese Title: Torikago no Kuni no Himegimi
Running time: 35 minutes
Premiere date: 2005-08-20 (Japan)
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Music: Yuki Kajiura
Original creator: CLAMP
Character Design: Yoko Kikuchi

Plot summary: (from animenewsnetwork)
In their continuing journey to find the feathers that are the fragments of Sakura’s lost memory, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Sakura move through time and space with Mokona. Here, they visit the “Land of the Birdcage,” a seemingly peaceful country where people and birds live together, each person having a bird companion. After a boy named Koruri confuses Syaoran and Sakura for “bodyguards” and attacks them, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. Princess Tomoyo, Koruri, and the other oppressed citizens, having had their birds taken from them, live in hiding within the forest. In order to take back Sakura’s feather, Syaoran and the others stand up against the scheming king.

I Say…

To be honest, I haven’t seen the series at all! It was quite confusing even though it was short, for me who wasn’t able to know the characters. Making some research about Tsubasa, I was able to come across the line of characters in Wikipedia and saw that there were really loads of characters pulled out from the other CLAMP series and manga! And the only manga I have read are Card Captor Sakura and Chobits! Well, I have seen the anime Rayearth, CLAMP School Detectives and the other two, but my knowledge of them doesn’t seem to be enough. I think I’ll start reading the rest of my CLAMP mangas I have kept. Maybe I’ll have clearer background before I actually read and watch TRC anime and manga. Although I was told by Chase-neesan that there are no connections between the other manga and this one, well, just to save myself from being crazy when I get there. I am looking forward to watching the anime… which will be having its third season April next year! Whoa! I’ve been obviously left behind!

The movie was really short and everything was fast. I was remembering the sweet children from Card Captor Sakura series and they are entirely different. The faces may be the same but the characters are totally different. It made me laugh to see Tomoyo being a princess, and serious, unlike the Daidouji Tomoyo Kinomoto Sakura has for a best friend. Even Syaoran has changed a lot.

I don’t have to comment very much on this movie, since CLAMP will always be CLAMP… you know… the artwork is always almost perfect and really expressive. Syaoran is obviously the hero, who is Princess Sakura’s strength. From the beginning of the movie until the end he showed courage and determination.

The other two characters Kurogane and Fai, together with the talking Mokona… well, although I’m not really familiar with the reason why they are there, but I realize they are important, and I will surely get to know them once I get to read the manga and watch the anime.


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