Review: Ocean Waves [1993]

Umi ga KikoeruJapanese Title: Umi ga Kikoeru
Release: 1993-05-05 (Japan)
Running time: 72 minutes
Director: Tomomichi Mochizuki
Original novel: Saeko Himuro
Music: Shigeru Nagata
Character design: Katsuya Kondo

Plot: (from filmaffinity)
Taku Morisaki is a college student on his way back to a high school reunion. On the plane flight back, he remembers events from his high school days. He remembers getting a glimpse of a new girl with his friend Matsuno. Later, Matsuno introduces his new girlfriend to Morisaki. Her name is Rikako Muto. She is very good in sports and academically, but is a social outsider since she is a transfer student. In their last year in school, the class takes a trip to Hawaii. When Rikako’s money is stolen, it is to Morisaki that she asks to help her. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Matsuno, and cracks begin to appear in their friendship.

I Say…

I think the movie is quite nice, being short and funny. The love story is not very obvious until the end, which makes it different. Again it could be another common story of any Japanese teenager who is growing up. Morisaki Taku was unconsciously falling for the pretty and unusual Muto Rikako, and he didn’t realize it until their high school reunion! Can you believe that? It might not be real in a sense but it just might happen, and that is what the film is all about. The past and the present… where will you be at? Something like that.

It also showcases how great boys are when it comes to friendship and mixing it with their affection towards one girl. I really admire those boys.

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