Review: Dice (Shiina Ayumi)

Manga-ka: Shiina Ayumi
Genre: Shoujo
Tankoubon: 2
Publisher: Shuiesha
Magazine: Ribon

Plot: (by me!)
Mochizuki Misaki is a hardworking girl, who always sleeps in class because of her part time jobs. She has a huge cruch on Mutou Shizuka, who she overheard liked her classmate Kuririn… who actually likes Mutou’s friend Hayami Hideaki…who also happens to like Mochizuki. A chase running endlessly! Their love life rolls like Dice…

the verdict…

[Huge fan girl scream] Aaaaahhh! This manga is so cute! Mutou is so cute! The artwork kind of remind me about Minto na Bokura by Yoshizumi Wataru, one of my favorite mangakas.The story is very simple, though complicated in the beginning.

Sometimes a girl becomes dense and thinks of something that is way out of control… that’s how Mochizuki Misaki is, in my opinion. Although you cannot blame her… boys really are as unpredictable as girls!

I can’t talk further, the manga is really cute so go check it out. It’s not as famous as Hana Yori Dango or Peach Girl but it’s nice. The artwork is good and the boys are cute!

Dice Vol.1   Dice Vol. 02


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