Review: A Little Princess [1905]

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

A novel from my childhood, a classic favorite every girl should read at a time she’s growing up– Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess

I remember getting into deep discussion about it with my Kuya while watching the animated series back when I was in High School. He noticed I’ve been watching it for the nth time since it was first aired on Philippine TV. I was only nine years old that time. He laughed and commented earnestly that no one in their right mind would forgive someone who starved you, maltreated you and kept you unloved. He was fond of Sara Crewe himself, having said that. To forgive someone who has hurt you could be hard,so Sara forgiving her tormentor is just a bit too much. Kuya refuses to believe that such a forgiving soul exist.

I would want to agree, and I am wishing that there would be more Sara Crewe’s in the world, so bad people will be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and stop being bad. Frances Hodgson Burnett created such an influential character in her novel A Little Princess. Readers young and old must’ve been touched by her kindness and awed by the purity of her heart.

It is an excellent children’s book and also a good reference for adults as well. It teaches the reader to find light in the darkness, and darkness serves your path to finding the light.

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