Review: Little Lord Fauntleroy [1886]

A novel, penned once again by Frances Hodgson Burnett, in the same nature as A Little Princess.

Barely 8 years old, Cedric Errol was shipped to England along with his mother because he was found to be Lord Fauntleroy, heir to the present Earl of Dorincourt, his grandfather.

The innocent, well-mannered Ceddie had no idea what fortune lies ahead for him, with no idea how he can change the lives of people around him, most especially his cold-hearted and arrogant grandfather.

It is really a touching story of how good overcomes the bad, and how a pure and innocent heart can melt a heart of steel. A child who knows nothing teaches an old man all he needs to know….about his people, and life’s realities.

I believe that this is one of those books adults should read once in a while, just to remind them about little acts of kindness one can do for another. One of the many good things about Little Lord Fauntleroy is that Ceddie does not realize how wonderful the things he has done for the less fortunate and then gives all the credit to his grandfather who only wants to succumb to his heir’s whims… showing them what his wealth and power can do and that wealth and power can be used for a worthy purpose.

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