Review: Ang Tanging Ina [2003]

Ang Tanging InaRelease Date: May 28, 2003
Running Time: 110 minutes
Direction by: Wenn Deramas
Screenplay by: Mel del Rosario, Keiko Aquino, Temi Abad, Jr.
Released by: Star Cinema

Ai-Ai de las Alas as Ina
Marvin Agustin as Juan
Nikki Valdez as Tudis
Carlo Aquino as Dimitry/Tri
Heart Evangelista as Portia/Por
Alwyn Uytingco as Pip
Marc Acueza as Sixto
Shaina Magdayao as Severina/Seven
Serena Dalrymple as Cate
Jiro Manio as Shammy
Yuki Kadooka as Ten-ten
Eugene Domigno as Rowena
Dennis Padilla as Eddie
Kaye Abad as Jenny
John Prats as Jeffrey
Angelica Panganiban as Gretchen

FAMAS Awards Best Actress: Ai-Ai delas Alas

Plot: (Star Cinema)
With 3 dead husbands and 12 children to take care of, Ina (Ai-ai delas Alas) fights to be both a provider and homemaker. Frustrated between staying out to earn a living and staying in to take care of her children, she desperately hides her hardships. But this led her children to grow resentful of her, as she becomes part of their problems. Although not her own doing, much less wanting, it seems that her best are never good enough. So what else can a mother do?

I Say…

Tanging Ina is a cool, spoof movie. Lines from old, hit movies were restated and spoofed. It’s really amusing and so heartwarming. It tells about how Ina [Ai-Ai de las Alas] struggled to be a single Mom to 12 unique children born from 3 different fathers [Edu Manzano, Jestoni Alarcon and Ton-ton Gutierrez], It’s kind of different from common comedy, light-drama local movies, and it is no surprise to have received praises left and right when it was shown. Unbelievable as it may seem, it is one of the highest grossing local films. I was thinking it was because of its powerhouse cast that it was able to create so much “noise” in the local entertainment scene. Each artist has its own set of followers who owned a spot in the movie house. But no, I guess it’s not just because of that that the movie is a good one. I admit to be a bit guilty of being ungrateful to my Mom, and the movie triggered one spot in my heart for my her. I mean, I know everyone will feel guilty if you’re not the appreciative/expressive type.

Seeing each star 4 years after, they all look really different. All 12 of the artists who played Ai-Ai’s children are all venturing on different career paths at the moment. It’s just a little weird comparing how they looked and acted like 4 years ago in the said movie to what they are now. Some of them went as far as changing images and moving from ABSCBN to GMA 7.

Simply put, Ang Tanging Ina teaches children to appreciate their Moms, despite their odd ways of showing how much they love and care for us. Quoting Joey de Leon’s quote, “God can’t be everywhere that’s why he created mothers..” No one knows us better than the person who raised us up and no matter how the world works, you owe to her your existence. If you’re the sensitive type/don’t get along well with your Mom or simply a person who likes to cry while watching movies, be prepared. Although it’s comic, it can make you shed a tear or two when it gets to the issue. Happy mother’s day to all mothers!


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