Review: Highway Star [2007]

Highway StarKorean Title: Bok-myeon Dal-ho
Directed by: Kim Hyun-soo & Kim Sang-chan
Screenplay by: Kim Sang-chan, Seon Seung-yeon, Yoon Soon-yong
Running Time : 114 minutes
Release date in South Korea : 2007/02/14

Cha Tae Hyun as Bong Dal-ho/Bong Feel
Lee So-Yeon as Cha Seo-Yeon
Im Chae-moo as Mr. Jang


Dal-ho’s only dream is to become a famous rock singer. To make a living in a small town, his rock band was forced to play enka (country music) in clubs instead of rock’n roll. One day, opportunity knocks and he gets a chance to make a debut album. It is only after he signs the contract that he realizes he has to sing enka, not rock music. On his first stage debut, Dal-ho hides his face behind a mask out of shame. However, his voice rocks the nation and people’s curiosity doubles at the popularity of the new star.

I Say…
Dear Cha Tae Hyun is back to where he’s good at: comedy. Highway Star didn’t fail to make me laugh from the beginning to the end. He was the perfect person for the role.

Highway Star is one of the simplest forms of Korean comedy, with very little love story. It focused on the changing points of view of a person who sings a genre he dislikes and begins to understand its true meaning. He called himself a rocker, and yet he got the big break from Trot that he despises.

Simply put, in the movie, Bong Dal-ho, along with his audience, will learn that it’s hard to do things you don’t like… but it only feels that way because we can’t get the feel of what it’s like.

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