Review: The Legend of Seven Cutter [2006]

The Legend of Seven CutterKorean Title: Kariseuma Talchulgi
Kwon Nam-Gi
Heo Jeong, Hwang In-ho, Kwon Nam-gi, Oh Sang-ho
Release date in South Korea :
Running time: 144 min

Ahn Jae-mo as
Jung Han-soo
Yoon Eun Hye as Han Min-joo

Summary: [KOFIC]
JUNG Han-soo, Because of his name, he falls under unfavorable circumstances. His motto is ‘Every day, be well.’ But a band of people challenge him. They are: Baek Sung-gi who overwhelms all of the students, Han Min-ju who surpasses the male sex in every aspect, and the teacher in charge, Go Min-sik who is simple and ignorant. Just as his thought, can he overcome this difficult situation and live a harmonious life?

I Say…

I didn’t enjoy the movie because I like the story. It just made me laugh because the faces were really funny and the scenes were funny too. The title was catchy enough to drive me into seeing the film, aside from the fact that Eun Hye is in it. Well, it appears to me as a scatter plot story. It was true to it’s title though, because it’s really about the legendary seven cutter, but something’s just not right. The whole time I really can’t see the point of irrelevant scenes. Maybe it was created merely just to kill time in the movie house or for the pleasure of seeing Eun Hye in her first film. It’s not a recommendable movie, to be honest. It’s not exactly boring, but some parts of it are misplaced, if not relevant.
It’s up to you if you’d still grab the dvd for the pleasure of satisfying curiosity, but I’m telling you, it’s not very good. Are they trying to build up Yoon Eun Hye as the next Jun Ji-hyun or something?