Review: Marit Larsen – Under The Surface [2006]

Track Listing:
01. In Came The Light
02. Under The Surface
03. Don’t Save Me
04. Only A Fool
05. Solid Ground
06. This Time Tomorrow
07. Recent Illusion
08. The Sinking Game
09. To An End
10. Come Closer
11. Poison Passion

I Say…

Do you still remember M2M‘s cute, little blond girl who used to play the guitar? That’s her. Last year, her solo album was released entitled Under the Surface.

Maybe it was destiny for M2M to split, so that individually they can create more interesting songs. And honestly, I think that Marit Larsen sounded better on her own. Her songs sound more mature now, even though you can’t really take off that teeny bopper sound. It must be inborn.

Still very much into the pop genre, her Under the Surface album is as nice as M2M’s The Big Room. The songs are full of humor, especially Don’t Save Me and Only A Fool. This is really a girl’s album, reflecting girls’ feelings of being in a serious relationship with a person she truly loves, making sure that she’s the only one in his heart.

All in all the album is not disappointing. If you’re in a good mood to listen to some pop music, try listening to Marit’s album, and measure how much she has grown since her M2M days.


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