Review: The Perfect Couple (2007)


photo28566Korean Title: Choigang romaenseu
Directed by: Kim Jeong-woo
Screenplay by: Lee Jeong-seop
Cinematography by: Yun Myeong-shik
Running Time: 109 min


Lee Dong Wook as Detective Kang Jae Hyuk
Hyun Young as Choi Soo Jin


Romance can bloom out of the strangest events. Sometimes even very embarrassing ones.

Running after a pickpocket, Detective Kang Jae Hyuk finds out how pungent journalist Choi Soo Jin’s personality can be when the fish stick she was eating magically ends up stuck to his rear end. Is it destiny, love at first sight? Not quite. But the two start to form a formidable alliance: he’s good looking, a great fighter, and a good detective. And she’s determined to change the world for the better by putting those who make it a filthy place behind bars. Together, they make The Perfect Couple.

I Say…

The movie revolved on the cops’ mission to catch a drug dealer/syndicate, something quite common, you might say. But the involvement of a local journalist made the plot a whole lot exciting.We shouldn’t expect a damsel in distress here, just a kick ass chick who will lighten up the serious action. Even the cop character being played by Lee Dong Wook has his own share of antics. Unluckily, he’s got a peak phobia, or fear of sharp objects, and it slowed him down during his moment. I know what you think. It’s ridiculous for a cop to fear deadly and self protecting weapons… so it’s really something to watch out for if you intend to see the flick.

The camera loves Lee Dong Wook. He can do drama, and even comedy too. But here’s the best Lee Dong Wook performance I’ve ever seen. I think we should look forward to an action star Lee Dong Wook.


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