Review: Slot Machine–Mutation (2006)

Track Listing:

1000600001. Break Down [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
02. Yesterday (Phan) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
03. Song For You (Kum Sud Tai) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
04. Your Eyes [Music & Lyrics by Scott Moffatt]
05. Love (Kwam Rak) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
06. Butterfly Effect (Hlon) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
07. Mutation [Music by Slot Machine & Scott Moffatt]
08. Someday I’ll Be Fine (Paowana) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
09. Paper Cage [Music & Lyrics by Bob, Clint & Scott Moffatt]
10. Supernova [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
11. Little Big Thing (Sing Noung Nai Jai) [Music & Lyrics by Slot Machine]
12. I Should [Music by Slot Machine ; Lyrics by Scott Moffatt]

Bonus Track:
13. Ror (acoustic version) [Music & Lyrics by Kamolrat Chutichaokul ; Arranged by Slot Machine]

I Say…

The album was actually produced by no less than Scott Moffatt, and his contribution to this album is huge, even more than the fact that it was him who produced it. He wrote 3 songs, namely Your Eyes, I Should, and Paper Cage, who by the way he co-wrote with Same Same’s Bob and Clint Moffatt. Scott was also hands on in the 7th track, titled Mutation.

These non-Thai songs Scott, Clint and Bob wrote never failed to excite me. The two songs Scott wrote by himself were very typical– typically Scott Moffatt in sound. I don’t know if it’s just me being such a fan of him or me being more of a listener… I just find the Scott Moffatt element contained in every part of those two songs. And now, Paper Cage rocks… do I need to say more? Yeah, stop me. You really have to stop me.

Neglecting the language barrier, I really loved Slot’s Machine’s sound. I like a lot of the songs they themselves wrote. I listened to the whole album last night, in my attempt to catch some sleep. It was too lively I ended up not sleeping at all listening to it. It made me remember Saliva, and their songs Bleed For Me and Rest In Pieces… very romantic yet the sound contrasts the mood of its theme. I guess the emotion it brings to the listener can easily break any language barrier. I am used to listening to lots of other Asian artists, artists who are not Filipino I mean, and it was the first time for me to listen to songs in Thai. I enjoyed the experience very much. It made me think more that music shouldn’t really be restricted to the language you speak or understand. The feeling it gives you is far more important.


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