Review: Never Been Kissed [1999]

Never-Been-Kissed-1999-movie-posterDirected by: Raja Gosnell
April 9, 1999
Execuetive Producer: 
Drew Barrymore
Abby Kohn, Jenny Bicks, Mark Silverstein
107 mins
Cast: Drew Barrymore as
Josie Geller
          David Arquette as
          Michael Vartan as Sam Coulson

Plot: (foxmovies)

Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) wants more out of life. As a bright twenty-five-year-old copy editor at Chicago’s revered newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times, she yearns to be a reporter. Josie is skilled at her profession, but completely clueless in her personal life. She was a brainy nerd in high school, a geek to the core — kids called her “Josie Grossie” — and she has never had a serious relationship with a man.

Josie has never, she laments, been really kissed.

But things are about to change for Josie — in ways she could never have imagined — when her dream to become a reporter becomes a reality. But her first assignment couldn’t be more nightmarish: she must go undercover at a local high school to report on today’s teenagers. Now, eight years senior to the oldest pupil in the class, Josie must figure out her story — and a potential new love — while reliving her horrific adolescence and negotiating high school’s social and emotional land mines.

I Say…

never-been-kissed-1We all have thing or two that happened in high school that we would want to forget about or wish to erase… but what if you get the chance to go back and try to correct them?

This is such a funny story and there wouldn’t be a better actress than Drew Barrymore to play the role of Josie Geller. Maybe I was just too young when I have seen the movie eight years ago to have missed on how it’s supposed to make me feel. Now I get it,and it’s so true. As you grow up, it gets more confusing, just when you think you’ve had figured it out.

Never Been Kissed is another romantic comedy about finding love and letting it find you! Too cliche, yet it’s worth your time. The punch lines are hard hitting and it has actually given me a whole lot to think about after re-watching the movie. This is actually one of Drew Barrymore’s less recognizable movies but it’s really nice… and again worth watching.


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