Review: BECK (2010)


Movie: Beck
Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Writer: Harold Sakuishi (manga)
Producer: Suketsuku Noda, Shosaku Ohyama, Hiroyasu Murakami, Hiroyasu Asami, Naoki Kitagawa
Cinematographer: Satoru Karasawa
Release Date: September 4, 2010
Runtime: 145 min.
Studio: Shochiku
Distributor: Shochiku
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan



Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke Minami

Takeru Sato as Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka

Kenta Kiritani as Chiba

Shiori Kutsuna as Maho Minami

Osamu Mukai as Taira

Aoi Nakamura as Saku


Source: asianmediawiki


I Say…

Liked the movie better than the anime. More feet stomping and finger drumming music!

It gives me the creeps whenever there’s a scene of Koyuki  performing… Takeru Satoh mimicked the animated Koyuki and he is so damn good at it! (Fan girl mode)

Of course it can’t be helped that the movie turned out compressed. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the manga and watched the anime so I can’t recall every single detail, but I just knew there were lots of story parts (crucial ones) that didn’t made it to the live action. The wardrobe, Ray’s home and BECK’s “hideout” also gave me the creeps… it so looked like the original. I also noticed the iPod and laptop…modern touches they have made for the movie.

Unlike the anime which closely followed the manga, the movie didn’t really focused or gave a lot of emphasis on Maho & Koyuki’s romantic relationship. The focus was on the formation of the band and their success.

For BECK manga and music fans, this is a must-see. But then, it could’ve been better if Takeru Satoh can sing. I mean, it is a rock and roll thing, right? And what made Koyuki special was the voice… not just the way he stands there onstage. At first I thought they’re saving the best for last,for the actual Greatful Sound 2010 performance. But no Koyuki voice at all.     Thumbs down for that.

More praises for the actors and the people behind the hunt to cast them. I think even if Shioli Kutsuna didn’t look like [or even dress like] Minami Maho, she did her part well. My next favorite character to Koyuki is Taira. I think Osamu Mukai is hotter than ever! Whew! I want to see him in Paradise Kiss Live Action too!

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