Review: Pink Shoes

Author: Katrina Ramos Atienza

From: Psicom Publishing

pinkMeet Dina, a bored and perpetually broke 25-year-old with the fashion sense of a blind librarian. Shane’s a tall and gorgeous punk rock princess who masquerades as a bank teller by day. Emily has it all: closets full of green clothes, a semi-glamorous job in an advertising agency, and an unfortunate penchant for sticking to the wrong type of man. When the girls find the Holy Grail of bargain-shopping—universally flattering pink ballet flats that somehow match each of their personalities—the boost of fashion confidence proves to be just the right kick to start a chain reaction of change in their lives. Dina discovers “The Church of Miniskirt.” Shane tries to reclaim past fame and a hunky new guy. Emily tries to give sane relationships a shot. Through it all, the girls discover that the right dose of change just might lead to more than they bargained for.

I Say…

I felt like “reading” a movie instead of watching on big screen. I loved the exchange of dialogue between the three friends.

I wouldn’t mind too if Bobby agonized with Dina a bit more. I guess after that the story will be more fun. 🙂

Nevertheless, it’s a well-written piece of[chic]lit. Amusing enough. Not even No Boyfriend Since Birth can be this amusing. And if you’re looking for girl bonding read, this book is a hit. Thumbs up for Philippine Publications! I am looking forward to reading more…


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