Review: Glamour Games

Author: Anna Ishikawa

From Psicom:Glamour Games

The Glamour Games is the competition of the year — and right at the helm is Carlie Gonzales, Lady Glamour chic critic extraordinaire. Smart, sexy, fiercely competitive, and tragically single, Carlie is in control of every aspect of her life– until she learns the hard way that things rarely go according to plan. She loses the man of her dreams, neglects her best friend, enters a contest for a promotion she doesn’t know if she’d win, and finds herself pitted against Lucas Pineda, a talented but geeky writer who spends most of the office hours watching old movies on his PC.

At first, Carlie and Lucas share a love-hate relationship. Soon, however, Carlie is spending more time with Lucas than she ever thought possible. Is romance a game she’s ready to play — or will she sacrifice love in order to win the Glamour Games?

I Say…

Love-hate relationship stories will never, ever run out of material. Ever. Glamour Games is one of them.

101% kilig! I can’t help but create my own mental image of Lucas Pineda. It makes me shiver. Geek guys will forever be a mystery to me. Smile


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