Review: The Hagette

Author: Katrina Ramos Atienza


The HagetteSelf-confessed “Hagette” Cynthia de la Rama seems like the perfect girl: she’s tall, thin, pretty, charming, and fashionable. So why hasn’t she found the right man? Her gay friends think it’s a defective gaydar to blame. Most of her exes were in the closet. She’s right about ready to give it all up for a well-dressed, celibate existence. That is until two men enter her life at the same time: the bad boy who disappeared without a trace many years ago (and whom she hasn’t gotten over yet) and an aloof, handsome model with a knack for doing the laundry. The only problem is, will her gaydar let her down yet again?

I Say…

The author of this book has so much love for the third sex. No way can the English language accept Hagette as an adjective that is made for the parts of speech. But who cares? The Hagette put me in a laugh trip state, and it helped me make it through the sleepy 1 hour break. A breath of fresh air for chick lits!

I just can’t imagine myself being like Cynthia, who survives with all the gay friends… and the language! A lot of curses from 1st page to back flap… but you won’t mind at all, really. It’s just so realistic.


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