Review: Five Days In Palawan

Author: Zara Inigo

From Psicom

How long is five days? Sometimes longer… 

jan03Especially when you’ve been conned into being someone’s boyfriend like Chris. He has never really been one for spontaneity. Managing his father’s resort in the remote outskirts of Puerto Princesa is not exactly the most eventful job in the world.

Until Mia Garcia checks in. Mia is from Manila – impulsive, unstable, mildly neurotic-hardly Chris’ type. But when she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend for exactly five days – no more, no less, no strings attached – Chris rationalizes… Five days. What is the worst thing that can happen, right?

I Say…

The story takes place in Palawan, where romance can be as intimate like beach waves & sand.

Chris meets Mia in the most spontaneous moment and their story begins.

If stories that last decades or even generations are bound to be a hit, why is a week-long love story any different? Sad to say, I am not a believer of one night stands, summer romances and much less of love at first sight… but this particular story caught my attention. To think that this was taken from a boy’s point of view… and boys do fall in love. Hard. Most especially if it comes during the most unexpected time.

While reading, I was hoping for an expected ending… but I wasn’t disappointed either. A second part is most likely welcome, but I don’t mind also if there isn’t any. Clueless? Just read the book and create your own mental picture of Palawan with Chris and Mia in it.  Smile 


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