Review: Zodiac P.I.

Japanese Title: Jūnikyū de Tsukamaete (Zodiac Detective)

Manga-ka: Natsumi Ando

Genre: Shoujo, Mystery

Tankoubon: 4

Publisher: Tokyopop

Magazine: Nakayoshi

Zodiac PI v1 p 0000 Zodiac PI v2 p 0000 

Zodiac PI v3 p 0000 Zodiac PI v4 p 0000


The main character of the series is 13-year-old Lili Hoshizawa (星沢リリ Hoshizawa Lili), who uses horoscopes and astrology to solve crimes, accompanied and assisted by her male childhood friend Hiromi after he returns from ten years spent in America for college. Lili uses the Star Ring to tell fortunes and, at times, to transform into the disguise of “Detective Spica”, in which no one recognizes her, except Hiro (such transformations are a common staple of Magical Girl manga). The ring was left to Lili by her mother, who used it previously to transform into Detective Spica; one of Lili’s long-term goals is to discover what happened to her missing mother. Using this ring, Lili has to try to solve many cases including the first published one, about Chihiro, a murdered girl in her class.

Her other cases take her around to different places from a piano school, to a fortune telling TV studio, to a wedding. She solves cases with Hiromi’s help.
To solve crimes, she will figure out the birth date of the victims and then their signs such as Leo, Virgo, etc. Next, using the power of the ring, she will call upon the spirit of that person’s sign. Then she’ll ask for the horoscope of the victim on a specific date that is connected to the crime. Along with the horoscope, the spirit will give her a clue so she can solve the crime.

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I Say…

Zodiac P.I. is a cross between Detective Conan and… Card Captor Sakura. Card reading, fortune telling and C.S.I… into a shoujo manga. Very interesting, don’t you think? I just can’t imagine a 14 year old boy so intelligent like Hiromi can’t even confess his feelings. 🙂 And how come Lili, being an extraordinary fortune teller, can’t predict what’s about to become of the two of them? Call it the ‘turn of events’!

No harem involved on this one so that lessens the complexity of their love story. They already look too cute together, so I guess that will suffice.


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