Review: Paradise Kiss (2011)

Paradise Kiss movie posterRomaji: Paradaisu Kisu
Directed by: Takehiko Shinjo
Produced by: Shinzō  Matsuhashi

Screenplay by: Kenji Bando
Based on: Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa
Music by: Yoshihiro Ike

Keiko Kitagawa as
Yukari ‘Caroline’ Hayasaka
Osamu Mukai as
Jouji ‘George’ Koizumi
Yusuke Yamamoto as
Hiroyuki Tokumori
Shunji Igarashi as
Kento Kaku as
Arashi Nagase
Aya Omasa as Miwako Sakurada 

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s): June 4, 2011
Running time: 116 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Plot (asianwiki):
Paradise_Kiss-01Yukari Hayasaka (Keiko Kitagawa) is a high school student who has become tired of her life of constant schooling. She then comes across a group of student fashion designers in need of a model for their “Paradise Kiss” clothing label. Yukari knows nothing about the fashion world and is taken back by the group’s eccentric ways, but she soon comes to admire their free thinking ways and ability to pursue their dreams with a one track mind …

I Say…

Paradise_Kiss-02Nice ending. Although it’s a far cry from the original, it’s a such a sweet alternative.The movie version of Paradise Kiss isn’t too obscene as its original version. Less kissing, and most important of them all, no sex. (I was actually watching the movie with my 2 year old son just to keep him busy)

I am so biased writing this review because I really love YUI and the soundtrack is amazing. I like the opening song very much. 🙂 Plus, I have a really huge crush on Osamu Mukai as well. I think he and Kitagawa Keiko have that chemistry… but the latter looked really stiff as a model. But she looked good on stills!

2 thoughts on “Review: Paradise Kiss (2011)

  1. Funnily enough I have been putting off watching this movie for ages as I was unsure what to expect because the adult scenes in the anime made me rather uncomfortable for some reason. I will definitely check it out now that you’ve given it the thumbs up 🙂

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