Review: One Crazy Summer [2011]

One Crazy SummerAuthor: Ines Bautista Yao

Publisher: Summit Books


A Recipe for Disaster?

1 college junior, fired from summer internship
1 secret crush, the cute and flirty type
1 crush’s best bud, with a secret of his own

1. In large bowl, mix together college junior and secret crush.
2. Gradually add in crush’s best bud.
3. Stir until best bud’s secret is revealed.
4. Let mixture rest in a sleepy provincial town.
5. Bake under the blazing summer sun until golden brown (be careful, batter might burn).

Tania’s summer is more than she can handle! Her cooking career comes to a screeching halt before it can even take off. Then, best friends Rob and Mateo enter the picture. Can she figure out her feelings for them, AND get the internship credits she needs to make it to senior year?

I Say…

Plain much. Kilig ok. I was expecting a little more conflict from the story because reading the back flap, Tania’s confused because of two guys. But if you’d ask me it was quite predictable who she will be choosing before the book is done. It was more of Tania’s self conflict, not just her boy craziness. We all get to the point of wanting something so bad yet you do not even have enough courage [even if we do have the means] to obtain it.

It was good read though, complexities eat my heart out anyway. The lighter it is, the better. There were a lot of delicacies and restaurants mentioned throughout the book. The words used to described them makes you want to see Negros Occidental, the friendly people and their good food most especially.

I’m not a huge fan of summer romances. But food? Hmmm… I won’t think twice.


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