Para Sa Hopeless Romantic [2013]

PSHRAuthor: Marcelo Santos III
Year: 2013
Publisher: Lifebooks

About (goodreads):

Lahat ng tao ay may kanya-kanyang love story. Mga kwentong tayo mismo ang nagmimistulang manunulat. Mga sariling lovelife na nais nating magkaroon ng happy ending.

Ang unang nobelang ito ni Marcelo Santos III ay tungkol sa limang taong nakikipagsapalaran sa mundo ng pag-ibig — isang umaasang babalikan, isang naghahangad na mahalin, isang natatakot umibig muli, isang nagsusumikap na makalimot at isang nag-aasam ng maligayang pag-iibigan.

Ang nobelang para sa mga taong iniwan at ipinagpalit, para sa mga taong naging panakip butas, para sa mga nangangarap na mahalin, para sa umaasang babalikan, para sa naghahangad ng happy ending at para sa mga Hopeless Romantic.

I Say…

This is one book I never thought I’ll read. The title is talking to me, saying something like “hands off!”. But I read it anyway. It was a risk I’ve got to take. There are 5 characters in this book namely Ryan, Maria, Nikko, Becca and Jackie. They all have stories to tell. There seems to be a great connection among them… I might say it’s called ‘fate’. A thing they all believe in. Basically this book is about putting your love in the hands of the ever mysterious phenomenon called fate.

Happy ever after exists in Marcelo Santos III’s Para Sa Hopeless Romantic. Something I’m not a fan of. I’m not being bitter here, but hey, it’s better off that way. I have my fair share of experiencing the dreadful infatuation and first love. I think I learned everything the hard way. So I guess you just grow up and move on. This book dealt with a lot of love lessons, lessons you can’t afford to miss. It is so impossible for any real, healthy human being not to relate their experience with at least one of the five main key persons.

I repeat, read this at your own risk. I think I’m going to grab the original edition too, in the future.


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