Matsuri Special [2008-2009]

Matsuri SpecialManga-ka: Kamio Youko
Tankoubon: 4
Magazine: Jump SQ
Publisher: Shuiesha

About (mangaupdates):

Matsuri is a girl like all the other high school girls. She likes boys, especially one called Wataru, but he hardly notices her even though she watches him like a crazy gal. “Tough girls aren’t my type,” he once said, and now even three street guys call her a tough chick?! Nothing too good to say to the wrestling Princess. Being this kind of princess is nothing to be proud of for Matsuri so it’s a secret that she keeps from her school mates, because it’s her father who wants to make her a wrestler…but what will happen when she’s discovered fighting those three guys by Arata, the bad boy who can even “fight cows”? Discover it and keep track of Matsuri Special!

I Say…

I’ll admit that if it weren’t for Yoko Kamio I wouldn’t be interested  with the plot. I thought it was weird because it’s about pro-wrestling. I’ve read sports manga before but nothing related to pro-wrestling. After getting through volume two I was already sucked into finishing every single page. In short, it got really interesting and I didn’t mind if it’s about pro wrestling at all. It’s still shoujo, and the shoujo elements remain.

Hanyuu Matsuri and Tsukushi Makino have a lot in common. After reading this I concluded that Yoko Kamio is so fond of kickass chicks who know how to take care of themselves.

MS1  MS2

MS3  MS4

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