Diary ng Panget

IMG_20130707_173614 IMG_20130713_213031

Author: HaveYouSeenThisGirL

Publisher: PSICOM

Note: The photos above are the official releases by PSICOM. Originally, it has two seasons. The 1st two books are only part of the 1st season.  By the way, before the official PSICOM release, it used to be a popular entry in Wattpad with more than 12M readers!

I Say…

I can’t say this is a little piece of crap, because it’s really amusing, to the point that I laugh my head off in the most quiet time of the night while reading. I just have to know how Eya and Cross will finish their story… if they will end up not killing each other at some point!

Reah Rodriguez equals Shan Cai. Cross Sandford is less than or equal to Dao Ming Si. Chad Jimenez is greater than or equal to Hua Ze Lei. Since I know the in and outs of Liúxīng Huāyuán & Hana Yori Dango, I can’t be wrong with my equation. That’s exactly why DNP charmed me from start to end.

The story is very light, not a tiny bit stressful. Well, a little bit on the end part but since Eya is a tough chick she knows what to do to turn things around in her favor. You may judge the story all you want… I just liked reading it, that’s all. Whatever similarity it has with Tsukushi and Shan Cai, I don’t care. Tough chicks rule always.

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