Julie Anne San Jose (album)

JAPS albumTrack list:

1.”Baby U Are”         3:59
2.”Bakit Ngayon”      3:38
3.”Enough”               3:36
4.”For Everything”    3:31
5.”Glad It’s Over”     4:32
6.”I’ll Be There”         3:34
7.”MSB (My Sweet Boy)”    3:51
8.”When I Close My Eyes”  3:42
9.”When You Said Goodbye” 4:23
10.”Hold On”                         4:25
11.”Let Me Be The One”        4:40

I remember Julie Anne San Jose as a Pop Star Kids contender when QTV11 was at its prime. She is indeed tailor made to become a pop star. Her self-titled album is the harbinger of growth in the music industry.

Even without filler revivals of Hold On and Let Me Be The One, her album is the total pop album. Her acoustic and all original Baby U Are is the opening track and became an instant favorite, bearing the authentic Julie Anne sound. Another favorite will have to be one of her carrier singles titled Enough, with a very nice vibe and kickass meaning. A lot of her songs might be familiar, as they turned into Heart of Asia themes like I’ll Be There (Lie To Me), Bakit Ngayon (The Greatest Love) and For Everything (My Daughter Seoyeong).

Her songs are about relationships and unrequited love, making it more appealing to listeners young or the young at heart. Her album is highly recommended to those who are really into pop music.

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