Chocolate [2009]

Chocolate Volume 3Mangaka: Fukushima Haruka
: 3
Magazine: Nakayoshi
Publisher: Kodansha

About (mangaupdates):
Chii-chan is an elementary school student who is really inexperienced with love. When the new transfer student Rei-kun arrives at her school, her life makes big changes. Is he the one for whom she had looked for these past years…?

I Say…
Although this manga is by the same mangaka as AAA, it’s not as disappointing. I like the art a lot, the characters have big expressive eyes, and you see it a lot whenever Chii has a crying scene.

Chocolate is almost tragic, Chii cried a lot until the end. But indeed, love is bitter and at the same time sweet. Rei is such a mystery, no background at all about his beginnings and why he kept on wanting to die. And just like that, he became Chii’s first and only love.


Chocolate v02 c05 - 000


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