I Remember You [2015]

I_Remember_You_promotional_posterAlternative Title: Hello Monster
Hangul: 너를 기억해
No. of episodes: 16
Running time: 70 minutes
Release: June 22, 2015 – August 11, 2015

Seo In-guk as Lee Hyeon / David Lee
Jang Na-ra as Cha Ji-ahn
Choi Won-young as Lee Joon-ho / Lee Joon-young
Park Bo-gum as Jung Sun-ho / Lee Min
Lee Chun-hee as Kang Eun-hyuk
Jun Kwang-ryul as Lee Joong-min

Plot (wikipedia):
Genius profiler Lee Hyun returns home to Korea after something from a case he’s been sent triggers a memory he thought he’d lost forever. Unbeknownst to him, one of his team members, Detective Cha Ji-an, has been investigating him for some time. She is aware that his father was murdered and his brother disappeared under mysterious circumstances involving a criminal named Lee Joon Young — whom they both want found and incarcerated. Each seeks to unravel the other, unaware that they’ve been drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse by a master player and that both truth and evil are closer and far more twisted than they think.

I Say…

Hurray for 2016! I’m back & I promise or at least do my best to blog again. My first drama for 2015 is I Remember You.

You can tell it got me hooked right? I Remember You is one of the Korean dramas I have been trying to find time to see last year but can’t due to various reasons. Thanks to the long holiday vacation I’ve had time to catch up with my dramas and books. Now on to what I think about the series.

In writing I still haven’t checked its viewership status but maybe it went well. Psychopath dramas are all over Korea. They could be used to it. Romance is just a subplot and the drama focused on the growth and characteristics of a psychopath. It’s kind of messed up how they think but they’re brilliant people. How can they imagine so many ways to kill people? Freaky but yeah, wow. Sorry about that. Cha Ji Ahn & Lee Hyeon didn’t get too mushy but you’ll know that there’s this spark that ignited the kind of relationship they have. They’re living their lives & taking care of each other while playing mind games with murderers.

Next, the way their policemen think. They’re not perfect ones since they commit mistakes and get involved in crimes themselves. But their coordination is good… at least TL Kang’s unit.

Lastly, how come all victims get stabbed? I came up with a theory, that maybe guns are limited in Korea & that it is a sure ball if you stab the victim instead of shooting them. It is safe to say that I Remember You is quite good, not just because of Seo In Guk. It successfully unlocked my psychopathic tendencies.

Review: Blind [2011]

Blind 2011Director: Ahn Sang-hoon
Screenplay: Choi Min-seok

Ha Ji Won as Min Soo-ah
Yoo Seung-ho as Kwon Gi-sub
Jo Hee-bong as Inspector Cho
Yang Yeong-jo as Myeong-jin

Synopsis (hancinema):
A female university student goes missing one day and later is discovered as a victim of a hit-and-run. Assuming the kidnapper and the driver are the same person, police begin investigating the case and find two witnesses who were at the scene: Soo-ah, a visually impaired woman who was once a very promising student at a national police university, and Gi-sub, a young man who happened to see the hit-and run. The case becomes even more complicated as the two witnesses tell different stories about the accident.

I Say…

I turned psycho as well while watching the movie. I wish I thought about watching it without the lights on. My favorite psycho-thriller of all time is Scream… but Blind isn’t comparable to Scream at all so it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. A known fact, Ha Ji Won is a great actress, I’ve seen her play several good roles before and this adds up to her long list. For a new comer like Yoo Seung-ho, he’s lucky enough to be granted with great projects, and Blind is a far cry from his former stint, 4th Period Mystery. The killer is so good you are going to think he’s for real. Yang Yeong-jo had very little to say, yet he played an integral part to make this movie a hit. Killers don’t have much to say, to begin with. They just kill, right? This actor didn’t carry a sinister face but he’s so d@mn good. Congratulations, man.. you didn’t fail to make my heart stop with your acting style.

Blind_Still-1The conflict began too soon as another witness turns up to contradict the other statement. Who would believe a blind person when there is someone who saw with his own two eyes? The rest is for you to find out. If you have a weak heart, I’m not recommending this movie for you to watch. Every turn of events made my palms and heels sweat. My favorite part of the movie was when Soon-ah and Gi-sub we’re using the two-way camera to escape from their killer in the subway. Technology is something… if a video phone can keep you safe it’s ok to invest. I’m buying that brand someday. 

Korean police have a different take on their CSI, and they know a lot. They seem to have luxury of time to go all out for a case, while here in our country a task force is believed to solve a crime faster. Our police might want to see this film to pick up some styles. In the end part though, they came too late… Korean or not, they’re still police. But at least their lead was good enough to drive them to their target.

So with all that I guess you may want to see Blind today, right? Again I repeat, this is not for the weak hearted. And for people who are on the animal welfare side.

Review: The Thieves [2012]

The Thieves (2012)Alternative Title: The Professionals
Director: Choi Dong-hoon
Screenplay: Choi Dong-hoon/Lee Gi-cheol
Release: 07/25/2012


Kim Yeon-seok as Macao Park
Lee Jeong-jae as Popeye
Kim Hye-soo as Pepsi
Kim Hae-sook as Chewing Gum
Oh Dal-soo as Andrew
Jeon Ji Heon as Anycall
Kim Soo-hyeon as Jampano
Derek Tsang as Johnny
Angelica Lee as Julie
Simon Yam as Chen

Synopsis (hancinema):
In order to let things cool down from their latest heist, Popeye and his group of thieves go to Macao on a job. But the mastermind behind this job is none other than Popeye’s old partner Macao Park, who escaped with 68kg of gold several years ago on their last job together. Macao Park brought Chinese thieves as well but little did they know what Macao Park planned for each one of them. But his plan takes an unexpected turn when Popeye brings Pepsi, an old flame of Macao Park, to settle the old score. The thieves’ target is a $20 million diamond known as ‘Tear of the Sun’, kept safely away in a casino, brought there to be sold by a notorious Chinese fence. While working together to steal this fabled diamond, they all have their own agenda to keep the diamond for themselves. But who will succeed and live to see another day?

I Say…

The movie is excruciatingly good… I chose contradicting adjectives there. It’s going to leave you on the edge of your seat. As I thought the conclusion is near, I was only halfway through the movie, which lasted more than 2 hours… with all the “wire walking” scenes and “almost caught” moments. Of course, as expected, Koreans love melodrama infused into their story lines all the time. The Thieves didn’t escape that.

thethieves_poster2This movie is like the Asian counterpart of Ocean’s Eleven, with an all-star cast that must’ve cost it a fortune already. Jeon Ji Heon and Lee Jeong-jae alone can gather up more than enough audience. Although Jeon Ji Heon aged a bit, she still carried the same sexiness and poise. And there’s Kim Soo Hyeon too, one of Korea’s newest heartthrobs.  But the movie proved its worth to be more than having an all star cast.

For the longest time, Asian action films have stereotyped Jacky Chan and Jet Li… combatting fire-armed men with their age old martial arts. I like Jacky Chan and Jet Li very much too, they’re great martial artists, no question asked. But the viewers evolve too, and I think The Thieves is like a breathe of fresh air to Asian action films. It can match Hollywood’s fame with the traditional”Asian” plots and stunts.

Review: Sunny (2011)

Title: Sunny
Revised romanization: Sseoni
Hangul: 써니
Director: Kang Hyung-Chul
Writer: Kang Hyung-Chul
Producer: Ahn Byung-Ki, Ahn In-Ki
Cinematographer: Lee Hyung-Duk
Release Date: May 4, 2011
Runtime: 124 min.
Language: Korean
Distributor: CJ Entertainment


Yoo Ho-Jeong as Im Na-mi
Jin Hee-Kyung as Ha Chun-Hwa
Ko Su-Hee as Kim Jang-mi
Hong JiN-Hee as Hwang Jin-Hee
Kim Sun-Kyung as Ryoo Bok-Hee
Shim Eun-Kyung as Young Im Na-mi
Kang So-Ra as Young Ha Chun-Hwa
Kim Min-Young as Young Kim Jang-Mi
Park Jin-Joo as Young Hwang Jin-Hee
Nam Bo-Ra as Young Seo Geum Ok
Kim Bo-Mi as Young Ryoo Book-Hee
Min Hyo-Rin as Su-Ji


New high-school transfer student Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyung) comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake. On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others. Coming to her help is a group of girls. The girls are Chun-Hwa (Kang So-Ra) – known for her strong sense of loyalty & excellant fighting skills, heavyset Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young) – who badly wishes to have plastic surgery to get double eye-lids, Jin-Hee (Park Jin-Joo) – excellent when it comes to spewing profanity, Geum-Ok (Nam Bo-Ra) – interested in literature, Bok-Hee (Kim Bo-Mi) – dreams of one day becoming Ms. Korea and Su-Ji (Min Hyo-Rin) – always arrogant. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. When the group confronts rival girls known as Sonyeo Sidae (“Girls Generation”), Na-Mi spews curse words she picked up from her grandmother. Because of Na-Mi the girls are able to avoid a crisis. These seven girls then form their own group named “Sunny”. They also vow to stay together forever. The girls then prepare for a performance at an upcoming school festival, but on the day of their performance a terrible event occurs leading the girls to eventually going their own separate ways.

Twenty five years later, Na-Mi (Yoo Ho-Jeong) is married to a successful businessman and has a beautiful daughter. Her life seems perfect from afar, but there’s something lacking in her life. One day, Na-Mi bumps into high school friend Chun-Hwa (Jin Hee-Kyung) in the hospital. They are ecstatic to see each other, but Na-Mi receives a phone call and has to leave. On her way out she ask Chun-Hwa if there is anything she can do for her. Chun-Hwa at first says no, but after a moment of reflection she makes a simple request to Na-Mi. Chun-Hwa asks Na-Mi to find the other members of “Sunny,” so she can see them one more time …

credits to: asianmediawiki

 I say…
This movie is the ultimate BFF movie I’ve ever seen. The usual Korean story outline never fails to drive me crazy. Smile. Laugh. Cry… then smile finally. Crazy, right? No wonder it became the top billed Korean movie of 2011 to book.

I’ll save you all from spoilers, better catch the movie and watch out for the ending credit. It tugged heartstrings in Korea, I bet.

So, start google-ing for torrents if you are intrigued. Call up your long lost and new found girlfriends then gather round to see it.It’s going to be a trip down memory lane for you too.



Review: Fourth Period Mystery


fullsizephoto93615Korean Title: 4-kyo-si Choo-ri-yeong-yeok

Directed by Lee Sang-yong

Screenplay by Sin Dong-yeop

Yoo Seung-ho As Han Jeong-hoon

Kang So-ra As Lee Da-jeong

Jo Sang-geun As Problem child, Kim Tae-gyoo

Jeon Joon-hong As Professor – MBC, Byeong-soo

Jeong Seok-yong As Old unmarried professor, Kang Gook-man

Park Cheol-min As Professor – Crazy Dog, Han Kang-man

Runtime: 86 mins

Release date in South Korea : 2009/08/12

During fourth period, high schooler Da-jeong finds his classmate Tae-gyu dead in a classroom and Jeong-hun standing in front of him with blood on his clothes. In order to stop Jeong-hun from becoming the prime suspect, Da-jeong must help him find the real murderer, who is still inside the school building, under 40 minutes before period four ends.

I Say:

I actually liked it. It kind of reminded me of Detective Conan episodes I’ve watched a few times.You just kept looking at the time with them until 4th period is over. Pulse racing and all… as slowly truths and clues are told.

Knowing how weird Korean stories are, this movie is kind of brutal but I think their target audience of course are the younger ones, mostly teenyboppers. It kind of made me worry that they might happen in school at any given day. The younger generation imitate everything they see on TV nowadays. I hope not this one. Also, this movie showcases the twisted mind of a teacher. So please, let’s be patient with our teachers too… the same way they are patient with us. A good I’m-your-student-and-you-are-my-teacher relationship isn’t bad at all.

I’ve seen the even more brutal Battle Royale, and 4th Period Mystery is a whole lot milder than the former but still kind of dangerous, in my opinion. Although the story is 50 percent focused on a love story, there are still scenes not suitable for the young audience.A murder is still a murder story no matter how they try to mask it.

Review: Operation Makeover [2007]

photo27244Alternative Title: Go go Sister
Kim Chang-rae
Release date in South Korea :
Run time: 112 mins.

At thirty and age coming on her, Jung-joo despises how her life has turned up. Degraded into doing simple chores for a designer, she believes that the turning point of her life was failing in becoming the girlfriend of then school poster-boy Ha-ni. What’s more, Ha-ni has now become a top star, and that irritates Jung-joo more than anything. When a chance to go back to the past for a week is given to her, she meets her younger self, and is determined to change the course of life that has eluded her for so long. But such a task seems much harder than it had first appeared to be, and she becomes more desperate than ever.


Ko So Young as Na Jeong Ju
Lee Beom-soo as
Oh Tae Hoon
Kim Jung-min as
Jo Hani
Yoo Geon as
Young Oh Tae Hoon
Jo An as
Young Na Jeong Ju
Lee Jeong-moon as Young Jo Hani

I Say…

photo27284I think it’s quite a fair movie, contrary to it being tagged “worst” during its release. I was even moved to tears at the last minute. It’s not that I can relate or anything, but there were quite a lot of touching parts in the movie. I mean, who wouldn’t want to turn back time and correct mistakes? Plainly magical, the plot is. But still cute, magical… not crappy magical or exaggerated. Other than that the film is really funny. Ko So Young is a fair actress. She’s not pretty like all the others but she’s OK. I think she was able to make good acting for the character of the older Na Jeong Ju striving to correct the things from her past. Yoo Geon of course, was so good looking in front of the camera. But how come he can’t shed the “Hello, God” image just a bit? Anyway, see it for yourself and know why.

Recommendable, funny movie for Valentine’s…

Review: The Perfect Couple (2007)


photo28566Korean Title: Choigang romaenseu
Directed by: Kim Jeong-woo
Screenplay by: Lee Jeong-seop
Cinematography by: Yun Myeong-shik
Running Time: 109 min


Lee Dong Wook as Detective Kang Jae Hyuk
Hyun Young as Choi Soo Jin


Romance can bloom out of the strangest events. Sometimes even very embarrassing ones.

Running after a pickpocket, Detective Kang Jae Hyuk finds out how pungent journalist Choi Soo Jin’s personality can be when the fish stick she was eating magically ends up stuck to his rear end. Is it destiny, love at first sight? Not quite. But the two start to form a formidable alliance: he’s good looking, a great fighter, and a good detective. And she’s determined to change the world for the better by putting those who make it a filthy place behind bars. Together, they make The Perfect Couple.

I Say…

The movie revolved on the cops’ mission to catch a drug dealer/syndicate, something quite common, you might say. But the involvement of a local journalist made the plot a whole lot exciting.We shouldn’t expect a damsel in distress here, just a kick ass chick who will lighten up the serious action. Even the cop character being played by Lee Dong Wook has his own share of antics. Unluckily, he’s got a peak phobia, or fear of sharp objects, and it slowed him down during his moment. I know what you think. It’s ridiculous for a cop to fear deadly and self protecting weapons… so it’s really something to watch out for if you intend to see the flick.

The camera loves Lee Dong Wook. He can do drama, and even comedy too. But here’s the best Lee Dong Wook performance I’ve ever seen. I think we should look forward to an action star Lee Dong Wook.

Review: Daisy [2006]

DaisyDirected by: Andrew Lau
Screenplay: Felix Chong, Jin Gan-san & Kwak Jae-Yong
Produced by: Jeong Hoon-tak
Running Time: 110 min
Release date in South Korea : 2006/03/09

Jeon Ji-hyeon as
Kim Hye-young
Jeong Woo-seong as
Lee Seong-jae as Jeong Woo

Plot [KOFIC]:

An elite Interpol agent Jeong-woo and a ruthless hitman Park-yi, both stationed in Amsterdam and are in love with the same young woman, Hye-young. Hye-Young is a simple sidewalk artist, with dreams of one day holding a real exhibition in a real gallery. Her pure love will draw these deadly men into a spectacular showdown in the process, revealing Hye-Young’s hidden past.

I Say…

Although well plotted, it is another case of I love her-She loves me- But it was I who saw her first. I now believe that to be bad is also sort of how much you can love somebody. In this drama, the lives of three people were instantly interconnected by selfish motives and misleading intuition.

I’ve noticed that the scenes were well organized, different from typical melodramas I’ve seen in the past. It was not too fast, neither was it too slow. It would still keep you thinking who could’ve done this or what could be the reason behind a particular segment in the movie.

I have been waiting for so long to see another melodrama that will leave me with this kind of feeling. The last one was The Classic and that was really long ago. Now, I know why the director exchanged the opportunity to direct Julia Roberts for this well plotted drama. Jeon Ji-hyun’s acting has improved since her Windstruck film, and in the future I guess we’ll see more of her not only on Asian Production.

The theme song pretty much told the whole story and the message was clearly depicted in it, while it was being played in the end; recalling memories about Kim Hye-young and the daisies. It deepened the emotions even more.

It’s a wonderful & highly recommended film, very emotional and meaningful.

Review: Love Me Not [2006]

Love Me NotKorean Title: Sarang-ttawin piryo-eopseo
Alternative Title:
Love and the Such Is Not Necessary
Directed by:
Lee Cheol-ha
Written by:
Kim Jae-yeon, Kim Seon-jeong, Lee Cheo
Running time:
119 mins.
Release date in South Korea : 2006/11/09

Moon Geun Young as
Ryu Min
Kim Joo-hyeok as Julian/Ryu Jin

Summary: [KOFIC]
Julian has lived off with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he faces usurious debts from a hasty expansion of his business, and he will be killed unless he clears the debt in one month. The only way to save himself is to pretend to be the long-lost brother of an heiress and kill her to get her huge fortune. Min, the blind heiress, cold-hearted like Julian, slowly opens herself to him, and he, too, falls for her. But Julian has to pay his creditor and what makes it worse for him is that the illness that took Min’s eyesight relapsed, threatening her life.

I Say…

From the first scene, you’ll know that you have to expect drama from those eyes welling with tears. I was hesitant to watch the movie not because I think that it’s no good. I didn’t want to see it for the reason that it might cause me to feel sad.

It’s quite different from the Korean melodramas I have seen in the past. The story may be a bit predictable but deaths come as surprises. From this movie, I’ve learned that you should never expect or assume happy endings.

What I loved most about Love Me Not is its cinematography. There were very few settings but they were so nice to look at. Also, Moon Geun Young’s wardrobe definitely gave her the mature look. She wore dresses and pieces of clothing that are of basic black and white and gave the needed grown up look.

At the end of everything though, I still can’t believe even playboys fall in love with one woman.

Review: The Legend of Seven Cutter [2006]

The Legend of Seven CutterKorean Title: Kariseuma Talchulgi
Kwon Nam-Gi
Heo Jeong, Hwang In-ho, Kwon Nam-gi, Oh Sang-ho
Release date in South Korea :
Running time: 144 min

Ahn Jae-mo as
Jung Han-soo
Yoon Eun Hye as Han Min-joo

Summary: [KOFIC]
JUNG Han-soo, Because of his name, he falls under unfavorable circumstances. His motto is ‘Every day, be well.’ But a band of people challenge him. They are: Baek Sung-gi who overwhelms all of the students, Han Min-ju who surpasses the male sex in every aspect, and the teacher in charge, Go Min-sik who is simple and ignorant. Just as his thought, can he overcome this difficult situation and live a harmonious life?

I Say…

I didn’t enjoy the movie because I like the story. It just made me laugh because the faces were really funny and the scenes were funny too. The title was catchy enough to drive me into seeing the film, aside from the fact that Eun Hye is in it. Well, it appears to me as a scatter plot story. It was true to it’s title though, because it’s really about the legendary seven cutter, but something’s just not right. The whole time I really can’t see the point of irrelevant scenes. Maybe it was created merely just to kill time in the movie house or for the pleasure of seeing Eun Hye in her first film. It’s not a recommendable movie, to be honest. It’s not exactly boring, but some parts of it are misplaced, if not relevant.
It’s up to you if you’d still grab the dvd for the pleasure of satisfying curiosity, but I’m telling you, it’s not very good. Are they trying to build up Yoon Eun Hye as the next Jun Ji-hyun or something?