Review: Mocca–My Diary (2002)

Track list:My Diary

01. Once Upon a Time, Secret Admirer
02. Twist Me Around
03. What If
04 Me & My Boyfriend
05. Telephone
06 Dream
07. When The Moonlight Shines
08. …And Rain Will Fall
09. Life Keeps On Turning
10. What If [acoustic]
11. Me & My Boyfriend [acoustic]

I first heard about Mocca about 2 summers ago. I was talking then to one of the members of the band Omelet Parade, inquiring about the auditions for the post of vocalist/guitarist. But fortunately, I passed my summer class and I just have to concentrate on my studies from that point on. Anyhow, he asked me if I know the band Mocca, because it’s their main influence, and they’re like, trying to adapt the Indie Pop genre. I searched for it but I couldn’t find anything except for the information about them being Indonesian and the Indie pop genre.

So when i stumbled upon the albums [thanks to my online buddy Ashran], I was surprised that the songs from their albums are in English! So, there’s no language barrier between me and Mocca’s songs, since I can understand English perfectly well. My Diary is a girl’s album. All the songs were based from a girl’s feelings and experiences. It’s like an actual diary… just imagine listening to a singing diary entry!

One word to describe it? CUTE. The words are not figurative or anything, that is why it’s more of listening to a person’s experience or story for the day in a casual manner….knowing what runs in the mind of a girl who’s lonely while waiting for love to arrive, or how her boyfriend treats her. Everything was beautifully taken from a girl’s point of view.

The album is 80% Bossa… and Bossa makes me sleepy. But since Mocca’s lyrics are funny and highly entertaining, I tried my best to stay up and not to sleep through the entire album while I’m writing this review.

I am recommending this albums to hopeless romantic girls out there!