Hatsukoi Lunchbox [2009]

Hatsukoi LunchboxMangaka: Kodaka Nao
Tankoubon: 3
Magazine: Nakayoshi
Publisher: Kodansha

About (mangaupdates):
Despite the fact her mother’s a model, (famous for being on the magazine Charisma Housewife), Sae’s usually left home alone. And although she has what classmates call a ‘sub-space stomach’, Sae can’t cook. In an attempt to help a friend with her love, Sae becomes closer with a classmate named Yuuki, who works at a cafe. Will Sae actually learn to cook? Will this closeness develop into a one or two-sided love?

I Say…
Every chapter features a dilemma for love confessions, and the answer? Expression through food. There is a different bento customized for those who seek Sae-chan’s help. What made it even more interesting is that, at the end of every chapter, the recipe is there, neatly drawn and simplified. It has easy to follow steps and even tips! The trickiest bento for me was the one with omurice, as it remains my dream recipe. I can’t wait to try making egg rolls with the square egg pan and those huge chopsticks!

Guys like Yuuki who can survive in the kitchen are just so cute. Even Sae couldn’t resist him. All the annoying stuff about him vanish whenever he moves around the kitchen, making the scrumptious side dishes.