Review: K-drama: Lie To Me [2011]


Hangul: Nae-ge Geo-jit-mal-eul Hae-bwa

Cast: Kang Ji-hwan as Hyeon Gi-Joon
Eun Eun Hae as Gong Ah-Jeong

Episodes: 16

Directed by: Kim Soo-ryong,Kwon Hyeok-chan

Synopsis (hancinema):
A romantic comedy about a woman in her mid 20s lying that she was forced into marriage and then thing that happen after that.

I Say…

Passable. It was off with a good start but then it somehow stopped picking up in the middle. Usually Korean dramas keep you hanging til the end, where anything can take place beyond your expectation. But this one just got longer and longer. But don’t be mistaken that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I was looking for something present in Full House and My Girl. I just thin the story didn’t last that long.

As expected of Yoon Eun Hae, her bubbly acting gave life to the series. She and Kang Ji-hwan have that chemistry so I proceed to finish all 16 episodes. Kang Ji-hwan deserved the best newcomer award for this. Keep up the good job oppa… You’ll go a long way from here on.

By the way, soundtrack is good! Lovin Ice Cream and Ppeon-ppeon-han geo-jin-mal are the cutest tracks! Kang Ji-hwan’s Lovin’ Ice Cream version is a good one too. Better than the original 🙂

The subs were bad for the copy I have so definitely I’ll watch out for the highlights I did not quite understand on our local channel.

Probably my favorite scene in the series. This made me cry… I just felt Ah Jeong’s pain. 😦

Review: The Legend of Seven Cutter [2006]

The Legend of Seven CutterKorean Title: Kariseuma Talchulgi
Kwon Nam-Gi
Heo Jeong, Hwang In-ho, Kwon Nam-gi, Oh Sang-ho
Release date in South Korea :
Running time: 144 min

Ahn Jae-mo as
Jung Han-soo
Yoon Eun Hye as Han Min-joo

Summary: [KOFIC]
JUNG Han-soo, Because of his name, he falls under unfavorable circumstances. His motto is ‘Every day, be well.’ But a band of people challenge him. They are: Baek Sung-gi who overwhelms all of the students, Han Min-ju who surpasses the male sex in every aspect, and the teacher in charge, Go Min-sik who is simple and ignorant. Just as his thought, can he overcome this difficult situation and live a harmonious life?

I Say…

I didn’t enjoy the movie because I like the story. It just made me laugh because the faces were really funny and the scenes were funny too. The title was catchy enough to drive me into seeing the film, aside from the fact that Eun Hye is in it. Well, it appears to me as a scatter plot story. It was true to it’s title though, because it’s really about the legendary seven cutter, but something’s just not right. The whole time I really can’t see the point of irrelevant scenes. Maybe it was created merely just to kill time in the movie house or for the pleasure of seeing Eun Hye in her first film. It’s not a recommendable movie, to be honest. It’s not exactly boring, but some parts of it are misplaced, if not relevant.
It’s up to you if you’d still grab the dvd for the pleasure of satisfying curiosity, but I’m telling you, it’s not very good. Are they trying to build up Yoon Eun Hye as the next Jun Ji-hyun or something?

Review: Princess Hours [2006]

GoongAlternative Title: The Palace
Playdate: Jan. 11, 2006 – March 30, 2006
Director: Hwang In-roi
Screenplay: In Eun-ah
Original Manhwa: Park So-Hee
Broadcast (Korea): MBC

Lee Shin (crown prince): Joo Ji Hoon
Shin Chae-kyung (commoner): Yoon Eun Hye
Lee Yool (prince): Kim Jung Hoon
Min Hyo-rin: Song Ji Hyo

Synopsis: (from
Chae-kyeong is an ordinary art high school student. One day, she hears totally unexpected news that, based on her grandfather’s will, she must marry the unemotional Crown Prince Lee Shin who attends the same high school. Free-spirited Chae-kyeong resists the proposal, but reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. As she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life and to her disagreeable husband, Lee Shin’s sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne Yul steps into her life. She feels like she can rely on Yul to help her, but can’t help worrying about her haughty, cold-hearted husband.

To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together. Along the way, you will encounter numerous delightful episodes among the cute and lively Chae-kyeong, the cold heartthrob Lee Shin, the handsome, down-to-earth Yul, the perfect ballerina Hyo- rin who just can’t get over Lee Shin, and all the other members of the royal family. Will the Crowned Princess, Chae-kyeong be up to the challenges of royal life? Come and join us as these wonderful tales of the crown princess unfold.

I Say…
As told by the synopsis, it really has an interesting plot. I was attracted to the fictional monarchy thing because it’s been a long time since Korea was governed by royalty. I also took interest in the conflicting image of the characters (well at least for me). The meanies turn out to be good while the innocent ones were actually plotting not-so nice things in the future. I also believe that the events were quite fast and not all beginnings were clearly explained or connected to the last scene of the previous episode.

Both Joo Ji Hoon-oppa and Kim Jung Hoon-oppa were impressive, they were never stiff from the beginnning and it was surprising they could cry well. No complaints on Yoon Eun-hye’s portrayal of Shin Chae-Kyeong as well, since she was wacky and pretty. She is so well dressed as well. She carried herself like a real princess, if I may add. But between Ji Hoon-oppa and Jung Hoon-oppa I want to say that the later is a bit more prince-like. I am not complaining that he didn’t play Shin, as I’ve said he best suits to be Yool. Whenever he is in a situation or scene that he needs to look hurt you could really see the expression in his face.
The set and the wardrobe…both two thumbs up. Even extravagant, in my opinion. Princess Hours, definitely was given ample budget [1.5 billion won]. Return on investment was surely claimed for it was such a big hit not only in Asia but also in the US.

In conclusion, Princess Hours is a must see. Just don’t disappoint yourself with the ending. And watch out for the really cute Alfred! I think he will make your heart melt! =)

My favorite scenes:
-Chae-kyeong throwing a shoe on Shin’s back
– Driving Lessons with Shin
– Chae-kyeong plays with Alfred
-Yool cries on Demimama’s shoulder