Review: Arakure



Alternate Title: The Wild Ones

Manga-ka: Kiyo Fujiwara

No. Of Tankoubons: 10

Genre: Shoujo

Magazine: Shojo Beat

Licensed by: Viz Media


Wakamura Sachie has lost her mother, and she goes off to live with her grandfather, Asagi Raizou, who is actually a yakuza boss?! She’s also assigned a bodyguard, the handsome student president Igarashi Rakuto. But she spends most of her time trying to avoid his overprotectiveness. Can she keep this a secret from her class? Will she be able to graduate from high school? And what will she choose to do after school?


I Say:

It kind of found this story touching and at the same time predictable. Predictable because you’re sure that Rakuto & Sachie are going to end up together no matter what happens in the story. Although I was expecting that kind of story flow, while reading through the first few chapters, I quite got the hang of it and I still can’t seem to stop reading.

My favorite part of the story was the chapter where Rakuto Igarashi got to meet and talk to his Dad for the first time. I hurt for him on that one. Then of course Sachie was waiting for him after the confrontation. Sweet. 🙂

Another favorite part was Azuma’s confession and his acceptance of defeat. He knew the post card cannot be kept a secret forever. By the way, that alleged post card dragged Sachie and Igarashi into a long and winding road only to find out they were never apart. Geez. That’s the drama I hate most.

If you’re in to Yakuzas and triumph of not-so unrequited love, you might just like this manga.