Review: Which Star Are You From [2006]

Alternative Titles: Which Star Did You Come From; What Star Are You From
Screenplay by: Jeong Yoo-jeong (정유정)
Directed by: Pyo Min-soo (표민수)
No. of Episodes: 16
Airing Date in Korea: 2006. 03. 13 ~ 2006. 05. 02

Jeong Ryeo Won as Kim Bok-shil/Lee Hye Su/Lee Hae-rim
Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee
Park Shi-hoo as Han Jeong-hoon
Kang Jeong Hwa as Yoon Mi hyoon


Plot: [MBC Global]
A countryside girl who grew up on a hillside village in Kangwon-do is later found out to be the daughter of a rich family in Kangnam. How lucky! Overnight she has realized every person’s fantasy. But is she really happy? Is she truthfully happy? The goal of this drama is to show how characters that seem like they would never be able to truly communicate with each other start to look at the world from inside the other person’s shoes; the process of how they face difficulties with each other but learn to understand and communicate; the process of how they heal their pain and find themselves. And finally of how they discover in a fun and touching way that everyone in the world, including themselves, can be a hero. Whether you have a lot or not, whether you had a great education or not, whether you’re old or young, whether you have found true love or not…life can still be so lonely and tiring. Becoming an adult means opening yourself to others by finding out that life’s lonely journey isn’t only about you. Those who know this are the ones that can taste the true happiness of love. In the end, everyone’s happiness comes from within their own heart. Our wish is that all people living in this desolate and gray civilization will be able to feel true warmth and happiness spreading through their hearts.

I Say…

Finally, I got to finish watching all the episodes left. This drama reminded me of Full House at one point because they have certain similarities though this one’s a bit too shallow. It was really unclear to me why the mother hates Choi Seung-hee so much even during the time he was still going out with her elder daughter. I found the mother’s behavior very irritating. She’s just too stubborn to be a mother to her own child she hasn’t been with for 20 years. Another character I didn’t like that much would have to be the cousin. I cannot understand too, what her real intention and feelings are towards people involved in the story. Like, is she good or bad…who’s she faithful to? Then she gradually disappears without even giving enough twist to the story.

On the other hand, I love the shift from drama to comedy. There’s a lot of that in more than 16 hours span. A lot of them of course, involved the two characters. Once again, KRW proved that he is a versatile actor. He’s effortless, making all those funny actions whenever he’s with Jeong Ryeo Won. I wonder if they will have a follow up drama in the future.

Wrapping up, I must say that it’s nice enough not to disappoint you. Up to the very end it will surely leave you feeling so in love. There’s no need to worry about mushy scenes because they’re too comic to be mushy. So if you want some shallow love story, see this one and enjoy.

Review: Mr. Socrates [2005]

Mr. SocratesKorean Title: Mi-seu-teo So-keu-ra-te-seu
Director: Choi Jin-won
Writer: Choi Jin-won
Runtime: 109 min


Shin-il Kang

Rae-won Kim

Jong-hyeok Lee


Dong Hyuk is a lowlife street thug who’s going nowhere in his life. One day he’s abducted by a group of gangsters, and while being held captive, he has to undergo classes and training. While being held for a very long time, Hyuk tries to escape several times but always fail miserably and has to suffers the consequences. He thinks he’s being trained to become a member of the crime syndicate, but he’s actually being trained to become a police officer and later a homicide detective. Only thing though is that the people who are behind his training need him not to only uphold the normal law, but to execute their own view on the law as well.

credits to: evildread [dot] com

I Say…

I’m not trying to promote violence to anyone. I don’t even like action flicks, but Mr. Socrates is one heck of an action/crime film. It doesn’t carry the usual theme like someone gets struck or someone close to him gets struck and then he plots revenge. This movie is more than that. I mean, I can’t imagine what kind of mind the story writer has. It is not that special but somehow it’s going to amaze you.

In the beginning of the story, it intrigued me how or when the story will flourish. It didn’t give me a single clue about what lies ahead for Koo Dong-Hyuk, or what the abduction is for. I might be too dumb for the film and makes me feel funny.

I also can’t imagine the role being given to another. Kim Rae Won seems to be made for the role. He may or may not be their first choice but I’m kind of glad it was him. Even with a swollen, bloody face he still looks so cool!

Filipino writers still need to learn more on how to come up with more exciting and watchable action flicks.