Review: Peony In Love

Author: Lisa See
Year: 2007
Publisher: Random House Inc.

Peony_in_LoveFrom WorldCat:

In the garden of the Chen Family Villa, a small theatrical troupe is performing scenes from a famed opera rumored to cause love sickness and even death. Peony attends the production, watching from behind a screen, but catches sight of a handsome man and begins a journey of love and sorrow.

I Say…

A very nicely written piece of literature. I was hesitant at first to read the book, but when I did, I stayed awake plenty hours way past my bedtime. I’ve always thought that lovesickness is just an overly used word for people who doesn’t understand love at all. A word for dreamers, and those who hold on so dearly to unrequited love… not too disturbing if you’d ask me. I have no idea, to some it can be something serious and alarming in nature. There is no better cure for lovesickness than being loved in return.

I didn’t grow up to all the Chinese beliefs and customs although my grandfather is pure blooded Chinese. While reading this book I’m happy I didn’t. Everything was so tedious… some too crude and even unimaginable. Through Peony the hungry ghost, I came to realize that not all these beliefs, can be assumed to be true. For so long I’ve been very rational about succumbing to old beliefs and customs. We’ll never know until we see and feel it.

Lisa See did great research and carefully weaved them together, making the facts fuse with fiction. I was instantly transported to the era where women suffer from hidden identities and self-discoveries… in world governed by men alone.

I think Peony in Love gave me more reason to believe that women are the stronger sex, even from time immemorial.