Lemongrass Facial Toner

Brand: All Organics

Manufacturer: Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials

Where to find:  All Organics Lemongrass Facial Toner

FACIAL-TONER-copyDiscovered this product on one of my trips to Sessou (Market!Market!) and used it not long after that. Being a fan of lemongrass, this toner instantly convinced me without second thought. Of course, this is also part of my campaign for the use of organic products &/natural products.

Some of the miracles of lemongrass are its anti-bacterial and detoxification properties. To date, you can find a number of products that are lemongrass-based… food, meds, as well as beauty products. It’s been proven beneficial to improve cases of pimples and even acne.

I actually stopped using commercially available toners when I got pregnant. Even after giving birth I noticed the brand I used doesn’t seem to produce the same results anymore. So I began to look for other brands but all the more, I became pimple-prone. Then, I found out about Milea’s Lemongrass Facial Toner. I thought since it’s organic, I might as well give it a try. I’m not being paid for this (well, I thought I should be haha), but it really improved my worsening pimple condition. True enough, lemongrass is a wonderful gift from nature to mankind. Smile  Along with lemongrass, this product also contain witch hazel extract, which I think is a really nice substitute for alcohol. It has its own healing properties and support spot/blemish control. Plus, I also love the soothing feeling courtesy of peppermint. 

Different skins, different results. Maybe it worked for me. Some people may be allergic to organic components so its best to try out small amounts first.

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