Review: Love Me Not [2006]

Love Me NotKorean Title: Sarang-ttawin piryo-eopseo
Alternative Title:
Love and the Such Is Not Necessary
Directed by:
Lee Cheol-ha
Written by:
Kim Jae-yeon, Kim Seon-jeong, Lee Cheo
Running time:
119 mins.
Release date in South Korea : 2006/11/09

Moon Geun Young as
Ryu Min
Kim Joo-hyeok as Julian/Ryu Jin

Summary: [KOFIC]
Julian has lived off with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he faces usurious debts from a hasty expansion of his business, and he will be killed unless he clears the debt in one month. The only way to save himself is to pretend to be the long-lost brother of an heiress and kill her to get her huge fortune. Min, the blind heiress, cold-hearted like Julian, slowly opens herself to him, and he, too, falls for her. But Julian has to pay his creditor and what makes it worse for him is that the illness that took Min’s eyesight relapsed, threatening her life.

I Say…

From the first scene, you’ll know that you have to expect drama from those eyes welling with tears. I was hesitant to watch the movie not because I think that it’s no good. I didn’t want to see it for the reason that it might cause me to feel sad.

It’s quite different from the Korean melodramas I have seen in the past. The story may be a bit predictable but deaths come as surprises. From this movie, I’ve learned that you should never expect or assume happy endings.

What I loved most about Love Me Not is its cinematography. There were very few settings but they were so nice to look at. Also, Moon Geun Young’s wardrobe definitely gave her the mature look. She wore dresses and pieces of clothing that are of basic black and white and gave the needed grown up look.

At the end of everything though, I still can’t believe even playboys fall in love with one woman.