Review: Taiyou No Uta (movie) [2006]

tayou no utaEnglish Title: Song of the Sun; Midnight Sun
Director: Norihiro Koizumi
Writer: Kenji Bando
Running Time: 119 min
Release Date: 17 June 2006


YUI as Kaoru Amane
Takashi Tsukamoto as Koji Fujishiro

Plot: (cdjapan):

She returned to the sun, leaving behind only her song in my heart. A 16-year-old girl lives out her lonely and short existence with a song. This is the DVD release of the features film “Taiyou no Uta,” starring YUI! A girl that can only go out after the moon comes up, a bronze-skinned boy with a love of surfing. The two meet, and miracles happen.

I Say…

It is the coolest, sad movie I have ever seen so far. It is the movie the Japanese can bring about to compete with US’ A Walk to Remember.

YUI is such a great singer, and I’ve liked her since I first heard her song Life, a Bleach ED Theme. She is yet an inexperienced actress but her efforts are evident. She usually appears poker faced, she really lack facial expression, but let me see that as the effect of a gloomy character she’s portraying. Maybe if a person can’t go out and enjoy the benefits of the sun that person ought to appear in that manner.

The plot is really good, minus this one stupid scene when she ran after Kouji and introduced herself, saying over and over that she haven’t had a boyfriend. I think I would enjoy the drama version too, although it’s going to be sad.